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Ozarks Mountain Joy

I’m currently attending a wonderful writers conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I love spending time with other writers and learning from their experience while sharing my own. I can’t think of a more beautiful setting for such an event than the Ozark Mountains.

My drive to the convention center from home was as exciting as it was beautiful. Summer is still clutching the area in a tight fist, so the leaves are still green on the millions of trees lining the roads. The rolling sea of green that can be seen at the tops of the hills is breathtaking. These gorgeous trees also provide shade for the road, which is one of my favorite things. Driving down a tree-lined road just makes me smile.

The roads are not wide, straight, or for the faint of heart. When you see the sign that says “steep and crooked” while driving down Highway 62 in Arkansas, I highly suggest you put both hands on the steering wheel because they aren’t kidding. Arkansas doesn’t seem to believe in guard rails. They expect you to pay attention to your driving and their speed limit signs which drop to 20 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone for “sharp curves.”

I make it a point to embrace life these days. I do my utmost to enjoy myself in whatever endeavor I engage. The highways to Eureka Springs are challenging, and I really enjoyed driving on them. I found myself reverting to my old motorcycle days and leaning into the curves. I haven’t had this much fun behind the wheel in years. I even caught myself laughing gleefully while navigating a particularly steep stretch of road that climbed as it curved sharply.

I’ve been exploring the area during my breaks from the conference. There’s so much to see and do here in the city. I love the fact that the people of Eureka Springs embrace their heritage and share it with anyone who is interested. All of the people I’ve seen here have been friendly and helpful.

I encountered this cow girl at a wonderful shop called Sleepy’s, which is located on Highway 62. They offer a variety of rustic gifts including the adorable moose keeping the rootin’ tootin’ cow company. They have dozens of amazing carved statues, man cave signs, home decor, and even some wonderful smelling lotions. I highly recommend stopping by and checking them out if you ever get the chance.

Sleepy's Cow Girl

I also visited a quaint little shop called Caroline’s Collectibles, which is just up the road from Sleepy’s, where I met a beautiful giant working bunny named Jo-Jo. He was the fluffiest bunny I’ve ever seen! I was allowed to pet him, and he had the softest fur I’ve ever felt. It was a new experience for me to be handed my receipt by a bunny rabbit, but one that I look forward to repeating. Caroline’s Collectibles offers a huge selection of t-shirts, unusual signs, figurines, and even handbags. You sure can’t beat customer service provided by a bunny.

If you decide to visit Eureka Springs, Arkansas, be careful getting here. While I enjoyed the drive, many people would be stressed by it. I believe any road stress is well worth the visit, but I then again, I’m from the Ozarks.

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