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On the Hunt for Quality Furniture

Today I had an eye-opening experience. My husband and I went furniture shopping. Our living room furniture is only eight years old , but it’s in bad shape. His recliner has been stuck in the reclining position for at least a year and leans to one side. Our sectional has a spot in the middle with a sunken place where a board broke a few years ago.

We plan to eventually replace our one recliner and sectional with two recliners and a couch. We’re also considering a love-seat. At the moment, we’re just shopping around to get a feel for what’s available and what we like.

We started at a furniture store from which we’ve purchased several things before. We liked very few pieces there. We did find a nice recliner, but it was over $1,000. There’s no way we’re spending that much money on a place to park our rear-ends.

Our next stop was a flea market that has an entire room dedicated to furniture. Like the first store, we didn’t like much they had to offer. We did find a great fainting couch, but it’s not sturdy enough to withstand my family. Remember, we have two toddler grandchildren and another baby on the way. We need durable pieces.

We moved on to a home store where we’ve purchased many great things in the past. We found a lovely couch and love-seat set that might work. It wasn’t outrageously priced, but we’re worried about the quality of the set.

When we got back home and discussed the results of our first window shopping trip, my husband had one thing to say. “Most of that stuff is over-priced and not built to last more than a few years.” He’s right.

Since we don’t plan to buy anything for a few months, we have a chance to look around thoroughly. We’re also going to look online. I just want the durability of the furniture my parents had when I was a kid. They had the same green couch for close to twenty years.

It’s cliche, but true. They just don’t make things like they used to.

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