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May Arrived with a Blast of Spring Storms

May arrived with a blast of spring storms this year. We had several tornadoes, damaging wind, hail, severe thunderstorms, and horrible flooding last night. The bad part is that every day this week has a chance of rain. If we get much more, some us will need a boat to get to work.


I happened across this poem, and it seemed appropriate considering the way we welcomed the month of May. It reminded me that once the storms dissipate, we’ll clean up the scattered tree limbs and repair damaged structures. We’ll take a breath and notice the flowers, birds, and frogs. The frogs were croaking like crazy in my neighborhood this evening. They welcomed May with open hearts.

May Day By Sara Teasdale

A delicate fabric of bird song Floats in the air, The smell of wet wild earth Is everywhere.

Red small leaves of the maple Are clenched like a hand, Like girls at their first communion The pear trees stand.

Oh I must pass nothing by Without loving it much, The raindrop try with my lips, The grass with my touch;

For how can I be sure I shall see again The world on the first of May Shining after the rain?

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