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Labor Day Savvy Savings Ozarks Maven Style

I always try to get the most bang for my buck. A family of five consumes a great deal of EVERYTHING. Labor Day weekend is a great time to score some great deals if you aren’t blissfully floating on a tranquil lake somewhere. Since a leisurely float on the lake wasn’t in the cards for me, I went shopping for household supplies. The photo below shows a few of my bargains. I didn’t have enough room to get everything in one photo.

Coupons, electronic rebates

My best deals were obtained from Dollar General. I combined digital coupons with electronic rebates, and store sale prices. Dollar General offers a $5.00 coupon off a purchase of $25.00 or more on Saturdays. This coupon stacks with other coupons on individual items. A percentage of my $5.00 store coupon was taken off of each item.

Here are the highlights. I scored a 6 pack of Bounty Basic Paper Towels for $4.95, used a $1.00 digital coupon, and 50 cents from the $5.00 coupon, which made my paper towels $3.45. I bought a 12 pack of Charmin Essentials toilet paper for $4.95. I used a $1.00 digital coupon and 50 cents from my overall coupon. This made my cost $3.45 for my 12 pack of toilet paper.

I bought an 8 ounce bottle of Dawn dish soap for $1.35, used a digital coupon for 25 cents, and took 13 cents off from the overall coupon. This brought my dish soap down to 97 cents. I bought a 48 ounce bottle of Mr. Clean for $2.50. I used a $1.00 digital coupon and then another 25 cents from the overall coupon, which made my cleaner $1.25. I bought 16 count Gain Flings laundry soap for $4.95. I used a $3.00 digital coupon and another 50 cents from my overall coupon. That means that I scored my laundry soap for $1.45.

I bought a solar powered garden ornament that was regularly $8.00. I paid $2.96, and they took an extra 30 cents off from my overall coupon, which made my garden ornament $2.66. I bought a 4.6 ounce tube of Crest Pro Health toothpaste for $3.00. I used a $2.00 digital coupon, and they took an extra 30 cents off from my overall coupon, which made my toothpaste 70 cents.

This is the deal of which I am most proud. I bought two 18.5 ounce cans of Progresso Soup for $1.95 each. I used a digital coupon of $1.00 off of two at the store. They took an extra 19 cents off each can with my overall coupon. Then I used a SavingStar rebate of $1.00 off two cans, which brought my total for each can of soup down to 76 cents.

I purchased some other items, as well. In total, I saved $18.90 with my digital coupons and electronic rebate. It’s also worthy of mention that I purchased a 25 load bottle of Tide Simply Clean at my local Price Cutter grocery store for $2.99. I’m allergic to Tide, but my husband can use it in his uniforms, and it works very well for him.

No supply run is complete without the obligatory trip to Walmart. I scored eggs for 48 cents per dozen and then used a Checkout 51 rebate for 10 cents off one dozen, bringing one dozen eggs to 38 cents. I bought a box of 14 Finish Quantum Max Powerball dishwasher detergent for $3.47. I used a $1.00 coupon that I clipped from my local Sunday paper, which brought my dishwasher tabs to $2.47. I bought a 28 load bottle of All Essentials for $4.97 and used a $1.50 coupon that I clipped from the paper. My cost for the laundry soap was $3.47.

Walmart became a game changer when they instituted Savings Catcher. I purchased a 12 pack of Coke Zero for $3.33, and received a Savings Catcher savings of 83 cents. I also bought a 24 pack of Diet Mountain Dew for $5.98. Savings Catcher found it cheaper elsewhere and added 3 cents to my account. I purchased a Monster Energy Drink for $1.88. Savings Catcher found it advertised cheaper and added 13 cents to my account. I bought a Sparkling Ice Strawberry Lemonade for $1.00, and received a 5 cent deposit to my Savings Catcher account. Between my paper coupons, electronic rebate, and Savings Catcher, I saved $3.64 at Walmart.

I do a lot of laundry and dishes. I always try to stock up on things while they are good deals. I detest paying full price for anything. Every penny counts. The laundry soap that I purchased last weekend should last a couple of weeks. My Diet Mountain Dew and Coke Zero should last me all month if no one else decides to partake in it. I won’t need to buy floor cleaner for several months thanks to that large bottle of Mr. Clean at a great price.

Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! I hope you have enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy in my savvy shopping. If you enjoyed Ozarks Maven, please subscribe, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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