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Kathleen Garnsey is April’s Author Spotlight

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend, Kathleen Garnsey. I met Kathleen at a writers retreat several years ago. We quickly became friends. In addition to being a great friend, she’s been instrumental in my growth as a writer. She’s the one who taught me to keep track of my characters on an Excel spreadsheet. It was a game changer for me!

Kathleen belongs to two of my writers groups, Ozarks Romance Authors and Sleuths’ Ink Mystery Writers. She’s always quick to share her wisdom with others, and her sharp sense of humor keeps us all laughing. It is my honor to spotlight Kathleen Garnsey this month!

Kathleen Garnsey’s Bio

Kathleen Garnsey was born in Michigan, raised in California, and has lived in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks since 1987.  A widow after fifty-one years of marriage, she spends lots of time with her three active grandchildren who live close to her.

She became serious about her writing about thirty-three years ago and continues to create new stories and adventures for her readers to enjoy. Kathleen has always loved sci-fi and romance so combining the two became her passion. She has written five futuristic romances which are all available on

Warrior’s LInk Falcon’s Quest

Secret of the Kiah Alluring Traveler

Hawk’s Redemption Currently working on Missing Princess

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