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In Honor of Easter and National Poetry Month, Please Enjoy Easter-tide by Arthur Wentworth Hamilton

This weekend is Easter, which falls within National Poetry Month this year. I read many great poems in an effort to find one that spoke to me for this post. There’s something about this one that gives me a sense of peace. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Easter-tide By Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton

Hail, Ancient Easter-tide that drew The nations to thy shrine, Thou who wert born when man first knew The thrall of Spring divine;

Thou hast the fragrance of all flowers That fill hope’s garden wide, And clusters that enrich her bowers, O blessed Easter-tide.

The mirrors of earth’s banquet hall Reflect thy glittering rays, Thou art the fairest pearl in all Her diadem of days.

The pattern of the time is cold, The weavers weave in gloom, Unseen, thou windest threads of gold Into the busy loom.

The dark-robed angel as he flies The shores of life beside, Hearing thy god-like message cries “Victorious Easter-tide!”

O Easter, lift thy beacon higher Above us as we grope, Thy lantern lighted at the fire Of the world’s larger hope;

In answering love, to all who love The Church’s hallowed ways, Come with thy message from above For our despondent days.

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