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I Am An Artist

I’ve always wanted to paint. I loved it when I was in school, but I haven’t taken the time to further my skills as an adult until recently. I began an art course in painting a couple of months ago. When that’s finished, I have a photography class scheduled because taking pictures is one of my favorite things to do.


It’s humbling to try painting something the instructor makes look so easy only to find that I can’t quite manage it. I keep trying, and I get better with each effort. My attempts at flower petals are still laughable, but my abstract work has come along quite nicely. I love experimenting with different colors and techniques to create something that is unique.

The Ozarks Writers League offers an art contest every spring. Our conference that included the contest was last month. I entered one abstract painting in the 2D category, three photos in the photography category, and one glass vase that I had painted in the 3D category. I honestly didn’t think I’d place in anything, but I had fun creating those pieces and wanted to enter them.

Farm at Sunset

The art submissions were all beautiful. I was blown away by the talent of my fellow OWL members. After perusing the competition, I was certain no ribbon would have my name on it. That’s why I was shocked to bring home both 1st and 2nd places in Photography and 1st place in 2D. When I thought it couldn’t possibly get better, it did. My abstract painting won the coveted Best of Show.

I was shocked and elated. Our contest coordinator, the ever sweet and incredibly talented Rochelle, told me that she had better never hear me utter the words, “I’m not an artist,” ever again. I promised her I wouldn’t.

Morning Visitor

The experience was a huge boost to my confidence and the inspiration I needed to keep going with my painting and photography pursuits. Whether it’s making jewelry, wreaths, writing, painting or taking pictures, I’m someone who lives to create. I’m honored that others enjoy my creations.

Thanks to the support and encouragement of those who know about such subjects, I can honestly say I am an artist. Perhaps someday, with a lot more training and practice, I may even be able to paint a flower.

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