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Good relationships require dedication and flexibility.

My 18th wedding anniversary was yesterday. I had planned to spend the entire day with my husband, but a mandatory business trip changed my plans. If we’ve learned anything during the past 18 years, it’s how to be flexible. I took half the day off, and we went to brunch instead of dinner. He’s a supportive type of guy.

My ride to our state’s capital city didn’t leave until yesterday afternoon, so my husband and I did have some quality time together. We ate at a family restaurant that serves breakfast all day. He can eat biscuits and gravy all hours of the day and night. Though it wasn’t what we originally planned, we still managed to make it work.

We exchanged our gifts Sunday afternoon, so we weren’t feeling rushed. He bought me something practical that I really need – a new printer. While it’s not the most romantic gift in the world, it’s what I requested. I bought him a hand carved bear statue like the one he fell in love with during our last romantic getaway five years ago. These are not typical anniversary gifts, but they’re perfect us. We aren’t a tradition kind of couple.

Marriage is work. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. You have to make certain your spouse knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you love him/her. If your spouse isn’t certain of your love and loyalty, suspicion and doubt can grab a foothold and play havoc with both of you.

In the early years of our relationship, we weren’t so accommodating of each other. Something like this business trip on our anniversary would have sparked an ugly argument. Now, we are confident in our love for each other and understand that the world doesn’t revolve around us.

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