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From Thanksgiving to Christmas.

My family celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. We scheduled it so all three of my grandchildren could be there. Mom rented a large building where they could run and play. Everyone had room to spread out, yet we could still talk to each other. It was wonderful.

I had to rely on my sister to bake a the sweet potatoes and the hot rolls I made because the turkey took an hour longer to cook than it should have, but it all worked out well. Everything was hot and delicious. While the food was wonderful, being with my family was what warmed my heart.

It’s so rare we get together that we had some catching up to do. Then we talked about everything from the state of our country to which computer is the best value for the money. The best part of the day was watching my grandchildren play together. Those precious little ones remind me of what’s important in life. Joy.

I’m excited to celebrate Christmas this year. My friend, Tammy, and I went shopping on Black Friday, braving the crowds in search of a good deal. We found some, but we mostly we found inflated prices. We each got a good start on our holiday shopping and enjoyed a great lunch together.

This week, my husband and I are decorating for Christmas. I helped him put up some lights and the tree on Sunday. We agreed the tree was a bit bare, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought more ornaments yesterday. I bought the cutest Christmas tree skirt. It’s plaid and features a black bear. I love rustic décor and fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Thankfully, my husband also liked it.

I’ll start wrapping packages tomorrow night. I know people who’ve already finished shopping and wrapping, but I’m not that on the ball. I’m just proud of myself for having started the process.

If you’re shopping, don’t forget your local businesses. I buy several of my gifts locally, which helps my neighbors and community. There’s something special about walking into a business and being greeted by the owner/employees by name. I also encourage you to support local authors by buying their books. I assure you that we welcome your purchases with great gratitude.

I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. No matter what you celebrate, I wish you a happy one and plenty of time with your family and friends. Most of all, I wish you love.

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