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First Day of School

Today was the first day of school in my city. Kids, who looked like they were middle school age, were gathered in front of my neighbor’s garage comparing new backpacks and class schedules. They were sporting brand new clothes and shoes, creating a festive swath of color against the brightening early morning sky.

As I drove through my neighborhood, it was obvious which kids were beginning their senior year. The back glasses of their cars were all decorated with shoe polish proudly proclaiming “Senior 2020” or “Class of 2020.” These kids were excited.

My own senior year doesn’t seem so long ago. The excitement spiked through me as I drove to school for my last first day. I congregated in the hallway with my friends who were equally giddy. I remember fondly writing “Class of 1990” on my notebooks and decorating my locker with similar slogans. It’s difficult to comprehend that we’ll be having our 30th year class reunion in a few months.

While I cherish those long ago days, I wouldn’t want to live them again. People change as they grow, and I’m no exception. The woman I’ve become scarcely resembles the school girl I was. Gone are my childish innocence and idealistic world view. In their place are knowledge borne of life experience and a healthy dose of skepticism. I enjoy the wisdom I’ve gained by living my life and experiencing things for myself.

Love and encourage the students in your life. One day, probably far too soon, they will join us in adulthood and begin their own metamorphosis.

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