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Change - Sometimes it's Great

Some people love change. They see it as a new adventure and get excited. I’m not one of those special people. Change is difficult for me. Some changes are good, and I eventually embrace them. Others, I dread and lament for years. Overall, each major change causes me a great deal of stress. Right now, I have change upon change happening in my life.

First, as you know, I moved Ozarks Maven from the hosting site I have used since I created my blog to my brand-new website. To say this is a big change, is an understatement. I have every confidence it will be great once I know what I’m doing, but I hate feeling out of my depth.

I have a wonderful friend who created most of my website. Now I’m on a steep learning curve with it. As I write this post, I’ve done something to the site that resulted in losing some of the graphics. I lost half of each graphic to be precise. It’s the strangest thing. It resembles a Picasso. I have no idea what I did or how to undo it.

I’m learning to use the new site and trying to figure out how to blog from it. My friend is supposed to call me and possibly Zoom with me tonight to try to figure it out. She is incredibly patient with me. I am incredibly grateful to her. When it comes to technology, I’m a very slow learner and require a plethora of patience.

Another huge change is at work (my day job). A couple months ago, my boss became my company’s CEO. I’ve worked directly for him for 12 years. I’m thrilled with his promotion, and as I knew he would, he’s making lots of changes. Most of them are great, but it takes me a while to wrap my mind around them. I’m slow to embrace them, even though a few are exciting and will benefit me greatly.

The man who has been my assistant director for several years is now my direct supervisor. I get along with him well, and he’s a great boss. I have no complaints about him. However, I am still trying to adapt to the things that changed. There has been a new division of duties, and my new boss is still doing some of his previous tasks while other people are taking various new duties. I have to stop and think about who’s doing what now. Change. It’s not bad, but it’s different.

I wasn’t always this way. In my youth, adaptability was one of my strengths. Something happened as I grew older, and now I struggle to adjust. Please bear with me as I adjust to my new website and strive to combine Ozarks Maven and into one wonderful website.

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Congratulations on a successful switch to your new web home, Margarite.

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Thank you very much! I'm still trying to work out all the bugs, but I think it will be great.

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