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Barbie Has Come a Long Way

When I was a little girl, I treasured my Barbies above all else. Unfortunately, all of my Barbies, with the exception of the one my aunt customized for me, went to my little sister when I hit my teen years and were lost over time. However, I do have a nice little collection that I’ve put together as an adult. My collection includes Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Rapunzel, a couple of Holiday Barbies, and of course the classic Malibu Barbie among a few others.

When I was a kid, Malibu Barbie ruled the toy aisles everywhere you looked. Back in the 70s when I was young, most Barbies were swimsuits, summer dresses, or evening gowns. They were all rich and famous. I don’t recall a single one with a normal career. Most of them were movie stars or models.

My granddaughter just had her 5th birthday. She shares my love of Barbies, so I wanted to find a special one for her. I knew Barbie came with different careers these days, but I was absolutely thrilled to find Scientist Barbie. She wears a lab coat and safety glasses. She even comes with a microscope!

While shopping for Madison’s gift, I was pleased to find several career Barbies. I found Photographer Barbie and Nurse Barbie with Scientist Barbie and the others that were focused on beaches and summertime activities. Visiting with two of her other grandmothers at her birthday party, I learned that Barbie has embraced modern women and produced many dolls with careers in their “You can be anything” line.

Chef, Pediatrician, Doctor, Paramedic, Wilderness Guide, Veterinarian, Gymnast, Astronaut, Firefighter, and Teacher are among the role model dolls I’ve found available. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that my granddaughter can play with toys that reinforce the fact she has a plethora of options for her future.

Barbie has truly come a long way. I may be adding to my own collection after seeing all of the options for sale today. You can check out more of the “You can be anything” here:

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