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Author Spotlight, Sharon Kizziah-Holmes

I’m thrilled to be spotlighting one of my favorite people today, Sharon Kizziah-Holmes. This lady is a talented author, songwriter, singer, and currently serves as president of Ozarks Romance Authors. She owns and operates Paperback Press, a self-publishing assist company that comes highly recommended by many of the authors with whom I’m acquainted.

I’m blessed to count Sharon as a friend. She once pulled my fat out of the fire at an event when I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t think there was any way for someone to help. She jumped right in and got things done. She rescued me, calmed me down, took over a struggling station, and never lost her professional poise. I liked her before, but that was the day I realized she’s an angel.

I have the pleasure of running in a few of the same writing circles as Sharon, and she really knows her stuff. She can answer just about any question another author poses to her. Her knowledge, kindness, diligence, and talent make her one of the most popular people I know.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the dynamic Sharon Kizziah-Holmes.

Ozarks Maven Author Spotlight Interview 1. For those readers who are unfamiliar with you, please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a retired road musician. I thought music was my passion until I started to write romance. Learning to hone my skills as an author, then helping to educate others, quickly took over that passion.

2. What kinds of writing do you enjoy?

Every genre, but mostly romance.

3. What do you enjoy most about the writing process? My favorite part is the creativity of getting down the first draft. When that’s done, the work begins. Plotting with, and getting feedback from others is also a joy.

4. When did you start writing?

In the early 1990s a friend challenged me to write a romance novel with her. Before then the thought had never crossed my mind, but I was up to the test. Thanks to her, I continued the journey while she did not. To this day, she reads every book I write.

5. To what or whom do your attribute your love of reading and writing stories?

My love for reading…truthfully, I didn’t start reading until I became an adult. I never had a love for reading as a child. As a matter of fact, I was a terrible reader. Hahaha However, that changed when I read my first romance by Cassie Edwards. I was hooked. Writing came from my father who was a songwriter. I started writing poetry and songs at around twelve years old but as I stated above, my passion for writing books was inspired by my friend.

6. How have your past experiences impacted your writing?

Mmm, mmm, mmm…I’ve always loved cowboys and country music. As a professional musician in a country band that traveled Alaska, Canada and many of the lower 48 states, much of those experiences and situations impacted my writing.

7. What are some jobs that you have held? Receptionist, professional musician, professional blackjack dealer in Nevada, bartender, cocktail waitress, master barber (my husband and I still own The Barber Shop in Springfield, MO), but Paperback Press is my latest endeavor, which I started in 2014. Paperback Press is an indie assist service provider focused on helping authors self-publish. PBP does all the work for them at a reasonable cost. We have an excellent rating and are proud to be a member of ALLi, Alliance of Independent Authors. ALLI looks out for the indie author in many ways.

8. Does your past employment experience ever make its way into your books?


9. What inspires you? Everything in life.

10. What made you decide to write about the subjects or themes of your books?

I’ve written many of my books/stories for friends and family. At one time, I decided to write a short story for each niece and nephew. Not about their lives, but using their names, as well as spouses and children’s names for the main and secondary characters in the stories. Oh, and cowboys.

11. Have you met any interesting people while researching your books? Not while doing research, but I’ve met so, so many interesting people throughout my life experiences I feel blessed.

12. What is the most difficult part of writing? Self editing the first time…self editing the second time…Oh, maybe it’s knowing when to stop self editing, turn it over to someone else and call it done.

13. Who are some of your favorite authors and why do you enjoy their work?

Of course I love romance authors like Janet Dailey, Debbie Macomber and Lori Copeland. I never thought I’d like thrillers however J.C. Fields and Tierney James changed my mind. On top of those I guess I’d have to say many of my friends and Paperback Press authors are also favorites.

14. What writing advice did you find most useful when you were honing your craft? Wow, I’d say, learn point of view and show your story through the thoughts and emotions of your characters.

15. Do you have any new work just released or coming out soon? If so, would you please tell us a little about it?

My latest book was published in late 2019. It’s a romance called The Cowboy and Emily Tipton. I tend to write intrigue in my full length novels.. In The Cowboy and Emily Tipton, hero Zeb Cooper has to come to the rescue of heroine Emily Tipton. For some reason, I like to see that knight in shining armor swoop the heroine out of danger.

16. Can you tell us a little about your current project? I guess my WIP is one of my most favorites. I’m writing about my life in the music business. I met and performed on the same stage of some big stars. I am blessed that over the years I’ve had so many awesome, crazy, funny, a little racy and many other behind the scenes memories. I’m excited to share them with everyone.

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