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Are You Preparing for Winter or Procrastinating?

Are you a planner or a procrastinator? I like to plan well ahead of time and for every contingency. That doesn’t mean I always succeed. I often find myself hustling at the eleventh hour to get things done.

Procrastinating is more common than you might think. I spent all day Monday dealing with those who waited until our first cold snap to think about preparing their homes for winter.

I try not to judge. I haven’t completely prepared for winter yet, myself. I’m out of ice melt, my snow shovel is still in the shed, and I couldn’t begin to tell you where I stowed my boots last spring. My car’s oil needs changed, and I need to check the freeze point of my antifreeze. No, I’m not sure where my antifreeze tester is right now, either.

Thank goodness it’s only October, and I have time to make preparations. I will have all of those things purchased or found by the time the first snowflake flies. The last thing I want is to be snowed in without my shovel.

I’m not in bad shape as far as planning ahead, though. My freezer has plenty of meat, and my cabinets contain a decent amount of canned goods. My home has plenty of insulation, my windows close well, and my doors are solid. My slow cookers are all in working order and ready for the season.

I was happy I took the time to dig out and wash a jacket a couple weeks ago when I felt that chilly air Monday morning. The temperature was in the lower forties, and the rain made it feel even colder. The moment I stepped onto my front porch, I knew grabbing that jacket had been a wise decision.

As for the holidays, I have nothing done. I don’t have a plan yet, either. With COVID as part of our lives now, I’m not certain I’ll be seeing anyone this year. I’ve pumped the brakes for now and need to confer with the family soon. I’m not even sure if I should buy Halloween candy.

Are you ready for winter? What about the upcoming holidays?

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