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A Giant Pumpkin and a Smile

I stopped at the big box store on my way home from work today. I can’t ever seem to remember everything on my list when I go shopping. Case in point, I forgot the dozen eggs tonight, which was the first item on the list that I actually remembered to take into the store with me. I managed to purchase most of what I needed plus several things I didn’t, but no eggs.

I must have one of those faces that invites people to approach me and ask if I know where something is located. A lady stopped me to ask if I knew where the hot chocolate had been moved. It was funny because it was right behind her. Perhaps it’s my ten years of retail experience from my younger years that gives me the look.

I don’t miss working in the retail/grocery industry at all. However, there are parts of the business that still make me smile. I got in line behind a man with a giant pumpkin and a bag of dog food in his cart. His wife joined him shortly after I got in line. She saw the pumpkin and asked, “What in the world are you doing?”

He smiled broadly and replied, “This pumpkin is only $8.00. I’ve never had a big one like this, and I’m buying it.”

His wife looked at the obvious joy on in his face and nodded. It warmed my heart to watch the exchange between two people who find happiness in simple pleasures such as a giant pumpkin. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

As for me, I arrived home with most of the groceries I needed and found my husband awaiting me. I climbed into his truck, and he bought Chinese takeout for dinner. All in all, it was a good evening, but I confess that I have the urge to buy a giant pumpkin now.

Find your joy where you may, and be happy.

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