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50 and Loved

I turned 50 years old last week. To celebrate my survival to this age, which was questionable a few months ago, my mom, sister, and husband threw me a wonderful party. I did help a little, but my sister, Laura, did the lion’s share of the planning and work. I must brag on her. She did a fabulous job!

Laura began planning my party a couple months ago when I mentioned that I’d like to have one. She collaborated with Mom to create the best afternoon I’ve had in a very long time. She talked to Jim a little, but party planning isn’t where he shines. He provided a little input and helped out on the financial end of things.

They took my favorite color, purple, and ran with it. Everything coordinated so well. There were purple table cloths, napkins sporting purple tulips, centerpieces with purple bling, and pretty pastel plates. They bought plastic champagne flutes to serve the orange punch I insisted on making, and the food was most definitely presented by a professional cook (Laura).

Laura made the coolest decoration I’ve ever seen. She took my book, Moonbeams and Ashes, and made a miniature copy of the cover. Then she shrunk one of my short stories and stapled it inside the cover. It was the most wonderful, touching piece of art I’ve ever seen.

I chose my own guest list and sent out the invitations. I invited mostly family and a few of my dearest friends. Many of my family members from both sides came to celebrate with me. Their presence touched my heart and made me feel loved. Even my cousin, Jimmy, who I haven’t seen in far too many years attended. Him being there was the cherry on the cupcake of my great day.

Almost every friend I invited came to my party. Most of those friendships span 35 years or more. The girls I had the pleasure of hanging out with in high school became amazing, successful, and kind women. I treasure my connection to each of them. A couple of my dear friends who I’ve met in the past 10 years or so, and adore just as much, also joined in the fun.

I will always cherish my 50th birthday. The people who attended my party are people who mean the world to me. I missed those who couldn’t make it, but I’m ever so grateful to those who did. This past year has been very tough for me. I only wanted one thing for my birthday – to be surrounded by my loved ones. Success!

To Laura, Mom, and Jim, thank you for everything!

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