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What inspires you? Nature is my best inspiration.

What inspires you? What nourishes your creativity and really gets your imagination going?

Nature inspires me more than anything else. It’s ironic that I suffer from spring and fall allergies, yet I gain my best inspiration during those seasons. However, even on the worst allergy days, I can still sit and gaze out the window, sip my coffee, and be inspired to spin tales of romance, intrigue, and things that cannot be explained.

I’m currently sitting at a table by a window at a writing retreat. It’s cloudy, but that isn’t stopping a myriad of birds from swooping and looping around in joy with their wings spread wide, catching air currents as they soar through the sky. They seem to be having a wonderful time.

The trees are just starting to awaken from their frosty slumber, Old Man Winter is on the run, and the birds are singing their joy to the universe. So far, I’ve seen robins, sparrows, starlings, cardinals, and a blue jay or two. I’ve also seen several hawks around here lately, but they don’t really sing and play in the air like the others birds.

Soon spring will be here in full force. Daffodils and dandelions are already blooming, dotting our dry, brown grass with yellow bits of happiness. My irises are standing up taller and thinking about budding. The trees and spring flowers will soon bloom in their resplendent glory. We’ll have a plethora of color everywhere we look, and more birds will join the early ones currently singing so sweetly to me.

There’s a lake not far from my home where I like to watch ducks lazily swim around and eat the occasional bug. I enjoy fishing in the lake and usually catch one or two, but it’s gazing over the calm blue water that soothes my weary soul. I learned to beware of the ducks if I have food, though. They are accustomed to people and are rather insistent upon sharing any snacks.

I could happily live in a cabin nestled somewhere quiet in the mountains if I didn’t have to work for a living. I would spend most of my time on my front porch with my laptop perched on a rustic table so I could write fantastic tales, a rich cup of coffee in hand, and peace in my heart while I absorb the joy and inspiration Mother Nature provides. Perhaps some day I will be able to make that happen. For now, I look at pictures of where I’d like to live, and it’s just another source of inspiration.

What inspires you?

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