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We Finally Bought a Tractor

My husband and I finally bit the bullet and bought a tractor. These are words I never thought I would say. I never expected to own farm machinery. I grew up in a rural area and spent a great deal of time on the farms owned by my family members. I’ve operated their equipment, but I never anticipated owning my own machinery.


We’ve been shopping and doing our homework for a couple of years. We wanted to be sure we bought an appropriate sized tractor that was small enough to fit between the rows yet still powerful enough to run a brush hog. We finally settled on a Mahindra 1626, which isn’t nearly as big as Mom’s Minneapolis Moline, but much bigger and more efficient than the trimmer mower we’ve been using.

My husband and I have had many adventures together in the nearly 19 years we’ve been married. Today we sang the “Green Acres” theme song as we added a new chapter to the book of us.

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