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There are days when only a pink donut with sprinkles will do.

Sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better is a pink donut with sprinkles. There’s something inherently happy about pink icing topped with colorful sprinkles. Donuts are not a part of my regular diet. In fact, they are so bad for me that they have almost become forbidden fruit, which makes them all the sweeter when I indulge.

pink donut with sprinkles

I woke up yesterday morning feeling certain that the day would be extremely stressful. I work with several guys, and we’ve all been under strict time constraints lately. They work outside most of the time. I knew the persistent rain that was forecasted would be a huge hindrance to their productivity, and they have a deadline. I wanted to bring them a little joy before they fought Mother Nature.

The thing my guys love most about me is the fact that I feed them. I had a hankering for a happy donut, and I felt certain that my guys would also enjoy some fresh perfectly fried dough. There’s only one place that makes what I consider the perfect donut. It’s a hidden gem in Webb City, Missouri called Donut Hole. They have the best donuts I’ve ever eaten. They make everything fresh, and the only food they serve is donuts. Well, they also serve huge apple fritters, but I consider those to be in the donut family.

They offer a few beverages including white milk, chocolate milk, juice, and a few varieties of bottled pop. They keep their offerings simple and excel at what they do. Their small shop offers a couple of tables for donut eating, but most of their customers grab their donuts and cold drink to go. Many people are like me and buy them by the dozen. I buy at least two dozen when I take them to work.

The minute I opened my car door, the aroma of fresh donuts engulfed me. I waited my turn behind a father and son. The son was a teen who was at least 6 foot 5 inches tall. His dad kept asking him what he wanted. He kept repeating, “I want two Long Johns and a chocolate milk.”

After the boy finally got his Long Johns and chocolate milk, I ordered my donuts and told the lady that I needed quite a few with sprinkles because the day wasn’t looking good. She smiled and carefully boxed up my donuts including six with sprinkles.

I was an instant hero the moment I walked into my office. The donuts didn’t last the day, and just looking at all of the colorful sprinkles made everyone smile a little. Starting with day with a little seed of joy makes all difference.

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