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The Writers Retreat Resulted in an Epiphany

I attended a writers retreat over the weekend. I accomplished a great deal of editing on my book and enjoyed strolling around the grounds. The best thing that happened was my epiphany.

I wrote my novel to be a standalone. I pitched it a few months ago at a writers conference, and the acquisitions editor from a well-known publishing house told me she’d be interested in reading my book, but only if it was part of a three-book series. I’ve been contemplating the possibility since she mentioned that her company only signs three-book contracts in the romance genre.

Deciding on the main characters for Book Two was simple. I have a supporting character in Book One who has a great deal of potential. Book Three had me stumped, though. I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to explore further. Then inspiration struck. I not only came up with the main characters for Book Three, but I also have an inkling about a plot line.

In my experience, the best ideas can’t be forced. They must appear on their own. By spending the weekend at the retreat, I reduced my stress, enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted sleep, enjoyed spending time with other writers, and let myself just be me for a change.

I wasn’t expected to keep any schedule other than to be at the table when it was time to eat. I went outside and wondered around when the fancy struck me. I worked feverishly on my book when my muse visited. I went to bed when I was tired and awoke when I was ready. That kind of freedom opened my creative floodgates.

Many of us lead hectic lives with brutal schedules that allow precious little time for quiet contemplation. A little rest and relaxation not only renews our spirits, but our physical well being, as well.

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