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The Silvery One

I picked up the President’s Award trophy for the Ozarks Writers League today. It’s absolutely beautiful. I’d be proud to display it on my shelf, and I hope the winner feels the same.


The Silvery One By John Frederick Freeman

Clear from the deep sky pours the moon Her silver on the heavy dark; The small stars blink.

Against the moon the maple bough Flutters distinct her leafy spears; All sound falls weak….

Weak the train’s whistle, the dog’s bark, Slow steps; and rustling into her nest At last, the thrush.

All’s still; only earth turns and breathes. Then that amazing trembling note Cleaves the deep wave

Of silence. Shivers even that silvery one; Sigh all the trees, even the cedar dark —-O joy, and I.

No matter how stressed life gets, it’s important to take a minute and enjoy the beauty around you. It’s there if you look.

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