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The Products I Miss

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today, so I thought I’d share my idle musings with you.

Have you ever looked around and wondered where a product you loved has gone? Do you ever wonder what happened to brands that you grew up with but just seemed to fade away into the ether?

When did Dynamo in the little blue jug disappear? What about Cinch dishwashing liquid? Cling Free dryer sheets? Rose Milk hand lotion? Charlie perfume? Pudding Pops? Kangaroo shoes? Marathon Bars? Lee Press-On Nails? Halsa Shampoo and Conditioner? Oh, I loved my Halsa! And what happened to Tandy computers? I learned a lot of on one of those in school. They disappeared without a peep.

These products were all heavily advertised, yet still went the way of the dodo. At least they can’t be found in my area anymore. It’s amazing to me how things that are such a part of my daily life can vanish without me noticing. No one ever talks about it. I just go to the store and can’t find them. I buy something else and get on with my life. I don’t give it too much thought. Well, I gave Halsa a lot of thought. I looked at every store in my area before a friendly stock person told me it had been discontinued.

In my younger days, I worked at the cosmetics counter at the Joplin Walgreens, which was still at the mall in those days. I was amazed by the number of ladies who came in looking for a particular shade of lipstick or brand of moisturizer, only to find they had been discontinued. They were dismayed, even as I tried to help them find something else. I’m sad to say I’ve had the same experience myself.

Let’s talk about shampoo for a moment. In my neck of the woods, for a selection of health and beauty products, we have three choices for shopping. Webb City has one Walmart, one Walgreens, and one Dollar General. Those three stores decide what products they’re going to carry, thereby telling us as consumers what we can purchase. There are a few other chains in Joplin, the city that borders Webb City, but I prefer to do my shopping close to home so I can get it done and move on to other things that need handled. Of course, there are online options, but I feel weird ordering my shampoo from an online retailer. I know some people buy their shampoo directly from a salon, but I don’t take the time to visit a hair salon. I haven’t had my hair professionally done in well over a year.

What products have disappeared from your world without a trace?

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