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The Little Things that Make a Hotel Comfortable

I’ve been traveling a great deal lately. I have stayed in a variety of hospitality establishments. One thing I have noticed is the difference in the little extras that await me in each room. I always pack my own things, but sometimes I forget something simple and it’s nice to have it already in the room.

I stayed in a nice hotel located in Jefferson City yesterday. The front desk had a display of complimentary chocolate chip cookies and two friendly clerks to check me in and see to my comfort. They serve a free hot breakfast that I always enjoy. They also have an indoor pool and workout room.

My room was comfortable with a couch, easy chair, and computer desk. It also offered several little extras. My tray had two packets of regular coffee, two packets of decaf coffee, a bag of tea, a couple sweeteners, and creamer. The bathroom boasted two nice bars of soap, a makeup remover wipe, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. There was even a black wash cloth, so I could wash my face without staining a white one.

The last hotel at which I stayed before yesterday didn’t have many extras. In fact, I had to buy my own alarm clock. My room had three tiny bars of soap roughly the size of quarters. There were two packets of coffee with the coffee maker, but no coffee cups. The best thing I could say about that hotel was that the antique furniture was nice and the staff was friendly.

I regularly stay at an Inn a couple hours from home. The staff is friendly and will happily draw you a map to anywhere in the area you’d like to visit. The rooms have two bars of soap, coffee, and tea. They do provide coffee cups with which to enjoy your hot beverage. Sometimes they have little foil packets of shampoo and conditioner, but not always. The have an indoor pool and a hot tub, which my husband enjoys. They serve a free hot breakfast that I absolutely love.

I didn’t travel much as a child. When my family did travel, we usually stayed with other family members. I think I only stayed in a hotel a couple of times before I became an adult. I was shocked the first time I saw a bottle of body lotion sitting on the sink that I could keep if I wanted it. While I have my own shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion, it’s nice to have something new waiting for me when I check into a hotel. It makes me feel special whether I use it or not.

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