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Teamwork Makes All the Difference

As most of you know, I have a full time job during day and do my writing at night. I don’t talk about my day job, AKA how I support myself, very much. I am a community action warrior, which means that I help low-income people better their situations. Something happened today that made me realize how blessed I am to work where I do. I work with amazing people who go above and beyond to make a difference.

My job is to facilitate the process of low-income clients receiving our Weatherization service. My program is overseen by the Missouri Department of Economic Development Division of Energy, so there are scads of rules that must be followed. One of the rules pertains to documentation for the application.

I’ve been working with an elderly lady for the past month. She was missing some documentation for her application. I explained what I needed, and she mailed what I believed was the last piece of paperwork late last week. I was just about to approve her application and add her to our waiting list when I realized she was missing one more document. I needed one last copy.

This oversight was completely my fault. For some reason, I was sure the document was in her file, so I didn’t tell her I needed it. The lady lives several miles from my office, and she doesn’t have a fax machine. She doesn’t have access to email, either. I didn’t want to make her drive to my office or someplace where she could have a copy made and mail it to me.

I took a chance and contacted another department within my community action agency to see if she had received services from them. I explained the situation, and my coworker was happy to help. Not only had the lady received services from the other department, but they were able to email me the document that I needed.

Thanks to the amazing teamwork of one of my coworkers, my client’s application was approved without delay. She is on her way to having a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. That’s what we do. We work together to help people.

I’m proud to be a writer, and I talk about that a great deal. Writing has been my dream since I was 12 years old. However, I’m also proud to be a community action warrior working to make the world a better place. As far as day jobs go, it’s a pretty great one.

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