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Road Trip on a Budget

Spring is here.Summer is coming soon. For many families,that means road trips are imminent. I’m preparing to embark on one such trip. My husband and I are traveling to a theme park with my step-daughter and her family this weekend.

I’ve learned a few tricks to help save money over the years. I always pack an ice chest with a few cold drinks and some snacks for the drive. I check my oil and fill my gas tank prior to leaving. Stopping for gas usually also means buying snacks from the convenience store, which means paying way more than we should. It’s always more economical to purchase snack items from the grocery store.

I’ve also learned to pack clothing for a variety of weather – especially during springtime when it can go from hot enough to sweat to cold enough to frost my windshield in the same day.

Many theme parks and shows offer discounted tickets if you purchase them online and in advance. By going during the week, you can usually find better hotel rates and have the bonus of avoiding large crowds.

My husband and I do love eating local food when we travel, but we try to be frugal about it. We usually limit our meals eaten out to one per day. We pack a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jam, and a loaf of bread, which feeds the two of us for few days. We stay at hotels that offer free hot breakfasts with a night’s stay, so there’s no need to buy breakfast elsewhere.

Traveling is not cheap, but doesn’t have to break the bank. There are many ways to cut the expense of traveling. Get creative. Try something new. Most of all, have fun!

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