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Reaching for My Dream

I’m working on my novel edits at my writers’ retreat this weekend. As I write this, the sun is shining, and it’s a glorious 53 degrees outside. Today is the perfect November day, which adds a sense of serenity to the gathering.

This campground is the perfect place to write. We each have our own table set up in the Quiet Zone, and meals are provided for us. Our only scheduled events are mealtimes. My table is next to a window with a view of gently rolling hills and falling yellow and orange autumn foliage. It’s freeing to be able to concentrate on my work in progress, editing, and blogging. When I need to think about something, I just stare out the window at nature’s beauty until I’ve worked the conundrum out in my mind.

I’ve hired a wonderful editor who is helping make my novel the best book possible. She offers suggestions on word choice, sentence structure, imagery, setting, and plot. She lets me know whether something is working or not. A mutual friend introduced us, and I’m grateful to have found her.

My editor has worked on my first five chapters so far, and I plan to send her several more, if not the rest of the book, next week. I have an agent waiting to read my novel, but I don’t want to send it until I know it’s my very best work. I want to make a fabulous impression, not look like an idiot by submitting something with obvious errors.

The agent may or may not choose to offer me representation. If she does and we come to an agreement, I’m going to be dancing around for a good week. If we decide not to work together, that’s okay, too. I have another path I’m considering, but I want to explore the opportunity with the agent first.

I attended a workshop she presented on using social media for authors. The longer she spoke, the more I liked her. I truly believe she’d be a good agent. So, when she requested my manuscript, I agreed. I’d be a fool to say no.

I believe when an opportunity presents itself, you must be receptive to it. I’ve kicked myself for not taking advantage of golden opportunities more times than I can count. Sometimes it was the fear of doing something new or venturing into the unknown. Other times it was a lack of vision on my part.

I endeavor to keep my eyes and mind wide open these days. Since I made a conscious choice to pursue my dream with all my might, great things have happened. I only recognized those dream-making opportunities by being open to new ideas and possibilities.

The one thing I’ve always been is tenacious. That’s part of my charm.

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