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Publication is the best feeling in the world.

By day, I’m a community action warrior, but my true passion is writing stories. I still have a book that I wrote and illustrated in 3rd grade entitled The Lonely Toothbrush. My teacher bound it for me and wrote a note in the back encouraging me to become a writer of children’s fiction. I only wrote it because it was an assignment, but I was fascinated with the end result.


I’ve come a long way since I wrote my silly story, but that’s where it all began. I’ve had several essays, short stories, and even a few poems published. I’ve placed in many different contests and been honored to stand in the presence of great writers.

I don’t think I’ll ever lose that giddy sensation I get when I hear my name called in relation to a contest or receive an email from an editor telling me his or her publication would like to use my work. Having my work published and enjoyed by other people is the best feeling in the world.

I’m currently polishing my paranormal romance novel that I hope to have ready for pitching by the spring. In the meantime, I’m still submitting my shorter work, which is really my first love. A journal, which includes one of my romantic short stories, was supposed to be published yesterday, but the date has been pushed back. Don’t worry, I will post a link just as soon as it’s available.

I was searching my email for word from the editor on Halloween night when I came across a pleasant surprise. My 50-word short story entitled “Time for Justice” was accepted by 50-Word Stories for publication on their website. It was published November 1, 2017. I’m honored to have my work chosen for the website, which I frequently read. I enjoy reading super short flash fiction because I can read an entire piece while sitting at a stoplight.

Flash fiction is a challenge for me because I tend to be fairly wordy most of the time. Here’s the link to my story if you would like to read it. Time for Justice. It’ll only take you a few seconds because it’s so short. I’m very proud of it. I’ve had several people tell me that they want the rest of the story, but there’s beauty in brevity. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work.

I spend most of my free time writing by choice. I’m a writer. This is who I am and how I wish to pursue my dreams. I encourage you all to reach for your own dreams. Who knows? You just might reach them.

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