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Our New Normal

This is what our new normal looks like in my city.

My dog has health problems and needs medication. I had to go pick up his blood pressure medicine today, and it was quite the experience. My husband told me everything had returned to normal at our veterinarian’s office. He was mistaken.

As I turned into the parking lot, I saw several signs advising visitors that check ins were in the lobby. That’s why I was confused when I saw a registration tent set up in front of the entrance.

I waited my turn a good distance behind a couple who had an obviously sick shaggy dog. I found it a little sad that only one of them was allowed inside with their ailing pooch, and the other had to wait outside. I guess it makes sense to minimize the number of people who go through the office every day, but it’s still stressful for the fur parent who has to wait in the car.

As I approached, one of the two ladies under the tent asked if I had an appointment. I explained I needed my dog’s medication, which should be ready. She acted a little surprised that I hadn’t already paid for it. I didn’t know that was an option, but I’ll keep it mind for next time.

They radioed inside and asked if there was a receptionist available to accept a payment. I was instructed to wait a short distance from the tent until someone was ready for me. When there was finally someone available, they told me I could go in and instructed me to proceed to stall #4. I was ushered out a different door after my transaction was complete.

It was all quite organized and regimented, almost like you’d find at an elementary school or military facility. I know these steps are in everyone’s best interest, but they made me feel like a naughty student being watched by a school full of teachers.

I miss the days before the virus and hope we can return to our old normal soon. I never thought I’d be nostalgic for the ability to enter a building and walk up to a counter without going through a checkpoint first.

It’s important to be cautious. We all need to be vigilant, take precautions for our own safety, and pray this passes soon. Until then, we’ll continue with this new normal that reminds me of a science fiction novel.

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