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My Unpleasant Surprise at the Pharmacy and Why It Wasn’t a Crisis

I’m not a big fan of surprises when it comes to my money. I’m careful to budget my predictable expenses and endeavor to keep a few bucks in the bank in case of the unexpected.

One of the ways I save money is to color my own hair. I suffer no illusions of being good at it, but I think it looks okay. There are times when it’s quicker and easier to pay someone to do it for me, though. Due to my hectic schedule, I nearly went to a salon to have my hair professionally colored last weekend.

My hair is long, and most salons around here charge upwards of $75.00 to color hair my length. I’ve been working overtime and had the money for such an endeavor. I’m so happy I decided against it.

I spend less than $10.00 on a box of hair color from the store. The reason this fact is relevant at the moment is I had a rude surprise at the pharmacy this week. I take an expensive medication for which I was able to obtain a coupon a few years ago. This coupon saved me $45.00 every time I bought the medicine and was valid for two years. When my first coupon expired, I obtained another one.

I ordered my refill yesterday and the pharmacy texted me when it was ready. They not only told me my medicine was ready, but how much I owed, as well. My text indicated that my total for that one prescription was $120.00, which is my insurance copay. The coupon historically reduced my out of pocket to $75.00.

I called them to ask why my coupon didn’t work. The pharmacy tech kindly explained that she had called the company to investigate and was informed they had changed their pay out.  She explained the coupon company now only pays if the insurance copay is more than $135.00.

It would have been nice if the savings company had contacted me to inform me of the change in policy. That was a terrible surprise. There are many people who would be forced to choose between buying their medicine or buying groceries when faced with a $45.00 copay hike on a single medicine. Thankfully, I had the funds available to pay the price increase. I’m not happy about it, though.

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