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It’s a Beautiful Day for a Writers Conference

I’m in lovely Eureka Springs, Arkansas today. It’s been raining the entire time I’ve been here, but the mountains are still gorgeous. Besides, any day is a beautiful day for a writers conference.

I’m attending the Ozark Creative Writers Conference and having a wonderful time. I know several of the writers here, and the creative energy in the venue is contagious. I was so amped up that I could hardly sleep last night.


The second reason I chose to leave my house at 5:00 a.m. is that I didn’t want to pay for another night in a hotel. My room is comfortable enough, but I saved over $100.00 by driving up Friday morning. That means I got up at 3:00 a.m., but a writer must do what she must.

I’ve already learned a lot of great stuff that I can use in work. Today is going to be epic. I am attending a breakout session on writing the paranormal, which is what I typically write. Then tonight is the awards banquet where I will find out if I placed in any of the 13 competitions I entered. I’m so excited! I may not place in any of them, but at least I tried.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend wherever you are. Rest assured, I’m having a wonderful time.

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