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Hunting for Toilet Paper

I was wrong. I admit it. My husband called me last week before I left for my writers retreat and asked me if we had enough toilet paper. I laughed and said, “Of course!”

We had plenty of bath tissue to last a week to ten days, and I laughed at the idea of my local stores selling out. I thought supply might run short for a day or two, but I was certain things would normalize after a few days. Therefore, I did not run right out to buy toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

Jim was right. I was wrong. A week after our conversation when I assured him we would be fine, I found myself bouncing from store to store in search of toilet paper. While we weren’t out, we were running a little low. Finding some was a fluke.

I bought the last bag of flour along with a bunch of other groceries from my big box store where the paper products aisle was completely bare. I drove home and lugged my many bags inside. Once I was finished putting my food away, I realized my flour was missing.

I called the store and was told my flour was at the customer service desk. I climbed back in my car and returned to the store with my receipt. I was waiting in the line at the service desk when I glanced at the cart the lady in front of me was leaning on. She had a six-pack of toilet paper! I wasted no time in leaving the line and heading to the paper products aisle. Employees were trying to stock the shelves, but they couldn’t keep up with the customers clutching large packages of bath tissue as quick as they could put them up. A notice posted in the aisle informed us that each person was allowed to purchase two packages. I bought two twelve-roll packages and felt like I’d won the lottery.

I texted my husband to let him know about my treasure. I also told him that he was right to worry about the panic buyers wiping out all the stores of simple household staples. I still don’t understand how things got so crazy, but this is the world right now. Adapting to live in it is something we must all do.

By the way, facial tissues will work as a substitute for toilet paper, and they aren’t nearly as difficult to find. Don’t panic, but do your best to be prepared.

You can find good information at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website

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