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Happy Thanksgiving from Ozarks Maven


I hope everyone is with loved ones today and enjoying good food and great company. My family celebrated Thanksgiving last Sunday. Most of the family has other places they need to be for dinner, so celebrating early worked out well for us.

I am taking my mother-in-law to my mom’s for a small casual lunch. We’re expecting a total of four people, so this will an intimate gathering. We plan to eat, watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, and look at the Black Friday ads. It should be a relaxing, peaceful, and joyful day.

I wish you all love and happiness with your families and friends. Drive safe, and remember to save room for dessert. Take the time to enjoy the eccentricities that only certain family members offer. You’ll be glad you did.

If you go Black Friday shopping, be sure to lock your vehicles, and please don’t leave valuables where they’re visible to the casual observer. The best place for your purse is on your arm, not on your dash. I’ve actually seen that at the mall. True story.

How ever you spend this holiday weekend, may love and peace find you.

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