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Final Chapters from My Editor are in My Hands

I’m pretty darned excited! I received the final batch of my novel edits from my editor today.

In case you didn’t know, I wrote a paranormal romance novel. This has been a slow moving project. I started Legacy of Secrets four or five years ago. Because I work full-time and have family obligations, my writing time has historically been hit and miss.

I was invited to join a critique group a few years ago. At that point, I believe I had four or five chapters written. The story line was good, but the writing certainly wasn’t polished. I began running this book through my critique group twenty pages at a time. By doing so, I learned more about my characters and myself as a writer than I could ever imagine.

The more we delved into each other’s stories, the more we came to care about each other and become invested in each book’s success. If not for my critique group, I probably would not have finished the first draft yet.

I also sent my book to a group of beta readers. Their insights and suggestions were quite beneficial. After I received all comments and suggestions, I spent countless hours revising and editing my work.

I finally reached a place where I felt I needed an editor to assist me with my final draft. I met a wonderful editor at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference last fall. We discussed my book, her fee, and the business details. She agreed to take me on as a client, and I have enjoyed our collaboration.

My plan was to self publish my book, releasing it early this year. That plan was put on hold and possibly cancelled when one of my critique partners pitched my book to an agent. It happened the day after I hired my editor. My friend didn’t tell me she was going to pitch my book. It was the best sort of surprise.

I had mentioned to my critique partner that I thought this particular agent would be a good one. I rambled on about how if I ever chose to pursue a traditional publishing route, I would want an agent like her.

I was sitting in the auditorium, just before the panel discussion, when the aforementioned agent sat down next to me and slipped me her business card. She explained that my friend had pitched my book, and she wanted to read it. She requested the entire manuscript as we sat in a crowded auditorium surrounded by tons of talented writers.

I was taken aback. You might even say I was flabbergasted. I explained that I had just hired an editor, and the book wasn’t ready for an agent’s eyes yet. She told me that she would wait for it. She said she thought it sounded good, and she wanted to read it.

That was October, and this is January. While I hadn’t planned to pursue traditional publishing, I chose not to let this opportunity pass. I’ve never heard of an agent approaching an author before, and I feel like I could be wasting my big chance if I don’t send her my manuscript.

Now that I finally have all of my all of my editor’s suggestions, I’m excited to get the revisions made. I’m anxious to send it on to the agent who I casually mentioned seemed like she’d be a good one. Whether she thinks my novel is good enough to represent remains to be seen.

One thing is certain. I won’t let fear of rejection stop me from trying. She may not want to represent my book after she reads it. That’s okay. But then again, she might.

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