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Fancy Fund Raiser

I recently attended a charity function geared toward victimized women and children. I only saw two men among the throng of philanthropic ladies crowded into the art center where the event was held.

I support several charities. I’ve donated items, money, blood, and my time to more good causes than I can count over the years. I fondly remember selling raffle tickets and working bingo nights to raise money for a new fire truck for our volunteer fire department when I was a teen.

I try to help people because I know what it feels like to be in need. I was once dangerously close to becoming homeless. For a short time, I was dependent upon friends and family to meet my basic needs. It was a rough patch that I overcame, but I couldn’t have done it without help.

I work at a community action agency for a living. I help low income people in my community save money on their utility bills by having their homes weatherized. I see people in desperate need of help every day. Many of those people are a lot worse off than I was and are struggling to overcome their obstacles.

I attended the charity event to help some people who are struggling to rebuild their lives. I made my donation and then joined crowd inside. The noise level was high, and the food and drink were plentiful.

I noticed immediately that I was underdressed and unpolished. I stood among women who effortlessly balanced on sparkly designer shoes the thickness of spaghetti. While this wasn’t a black tie event, those ladies looked like they had just stepped from the pages of a fashion magazine. My simple slacks and boots couldn’t compete.

I nibbled on some tiny pieces of delicious food carefully prepared by a local chef. I browsed the tables laidened with women’s health brochures. I was standing along a wall with my best friend when the Emcee announced a fashion show was about to start.

I just couldn’t do it. I’m not a fashionista. My idea of designer shoes is a nice pair of Nikes. I wear jeans every chance I get. My friend and I left less than an hour into the event. I can’t speak for her, but that was not my kind of event and those were not my people.

The purpose of the gathering was to help victims of horrendous crimes. I’m happy to have contributed, but I’m a simple country girl. I’ll continue to support worthy causes as I’m able, but I probably won’t be attending any more fancy events. I will say one thing for the organizers of the event, though. They held a beautiful and effective fund raiser, and they make wonderful champagne punch.

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