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Emergence by Camille Faye is being Released June 6, 2018

I am honored to have been asked to be an advanced reader for Camille Faye’s Emergence, the sequel to Voodoo Butterfly. With a full-time job and countless hours spent at my computer writing every week, I have very little time to read. However, I jumped at the chance to read Emergence.

I met Camille several years ago when she joined the Joplin Writers’ Guild. She was writing Voodoo Butterfly at the time. We were fortunate enough to have her read excerpts from the work in progress during our critique sessions. I was hooked the first time she read a passage.

She kept us updated on her progress. We were all excited when she announced Voodoo Butterfly’s release date. The book was only available in e-book form for the first few months, I bought that version as soon as it was available. Voodoo Butterfly kept me on the edge of seat throughout the book. I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. I bought the paperback version when it was released, as well. After all, I couldn’t have Camille autograph the e-book. 

Camille set the bar pretty darned high with Voodoo Butterfly, and I was hopeful that she would continue her sublimity with Emergence. She did not let me down. Emergence is a marvelous book that I’ve had difficulty putting down to deal with my responsibilities. I’m not quite finished reading it yet. I ran the battery on my tablet so low while reading this book today that it wouldn’t stop beeping at me. It is charging right now, so I can finish reading Emergence this evening.

If you haven’t read Voodoo Butterfly, you really need to start with that book because that’s where most of the character development takes place. Once you’ve read Voodoo Butterfly, you’ll be ready to jump right into Emergence. If you’re like me, you will want to read it immediately.

Emergence is quick-paced and takes the reader on an amazing emotional ride. I can’t wait to see what happens next! If you enjoy a good paranormal romance story with lots of suspense, you will love this one! Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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