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Counting on My Family

As you may know, I’m in the middle of a 14-day quarantine because I spent time with someone close to me right before she developed symptoms of COVID-19.

I am nearly one week in, and I feel fine. I’m having the sniffles due to ragweed, my arch nemesis. It’s nothing a little Zyrtec won’t solve, though. I just need to remember to take it before I go to bed, which I keep forgetting.

My mom and sister are worried about me and are keeping in touch daily, asking about my health and if I need anything. I usually stay stocked up on most of my supplies. I made a big supply run a few days before I received my “be antisocial” orders. After spending approximately $200.00 and filling my car with food and other essentials, I hadn’t planned to visit another store for a while. Of course, I hadn’t planned to stay in my house for two weeks, either.

My sister called me a couple days ago to chat for a while. Due to some feedback I was hearing on the line, I put her on speaker and continued my online shopping as we visited. Poor Apollo, my Bengal cat, was almost out of food. I gasped when I saw how much a giant online retailer wanted for my cat food, which prompted my sweet sister to inquire as to what had me perplexed.

I explained that the 3.15 pound bag of 9 Lives I feed Apollo was over $12.00 on this particular site. I explained it’s usually $3.00 to $5.00 depending on where I buy it in town. Telling me she was heading to the store the next day for trash bags, she volunteered to buy the cat food and leave it on my front porch. When I tried to discuss where I’d leave money or a check to repay her, she insisted it be her treat.

The next afternoon, I was blogging when I received a text from her saying “Special Delivery.” I opened my front door to find a bag from our local big box store with 9 Lives in it. My sister was long gone.

Last night while watching TV with my cat and dog, I received a text from Mom. She asked about my health and if I needed anything. I assured her I was fine and should be good on everything.

She told me she was going to Sam’s Club and would be more than happy to pick up a few things for me. I explained I’d been there recently and still have the essentials including twenty bars of bath soap. Then she pulled out the big card. She asked me if I wanted anything from our local farmers market, which is about five minutes from my house. Well, that’s a horse of a different color.

My fresh produce is nearly gone. I have 1/2 of a tomato and 1/4 of a green pepper left. I have a small bowl of cauliflower in the fridge that I cooked last night. It won’t last long. I have a few tomatoes and peppers in the garden, but they’re quite a ways from being ripe. My cucumber plant is still blooming, but there aren’t any veggies on the vine.

I told Mom I didn’t want to trouble her, but I could use some veggies if she saw some nice ones at a good price. She agreed she’d look and told me she’d leave them on my front porch if she found any. I offered to hide some cash or a check for her, but like my sister, she wouldn’t hear of it.

Through their kindness, my cat won’t be forced to eat people food that would probably upset his tummy, and I will be able to enjoy my morning frittata. Without the veggies, it’s just eggs and not nearly as good.

I felt guilty about them doing these things for me until I remembered all of the times I’ve helped out my sister and my mom. I didn’t want anything in return. I didn’t keep score. I pitched in because that’s what we are supposed to do for family.

They are taking care of me now. I’m so thankful for their love and kindness. This is the way things are supposed to be. This is family.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends.

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