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I always wondered where I came from. I wanted to know how my family arrived in the area and why they settled here. I grew up knowing in my heart that I’m German and Scottish. My parents always told me that was my ancestry. My aunts and uncles told me that was my ancestry. Who was I to doubt my elders?

When we studied the first Thanksgiving in school, I was always a little sad because I didn’t think my ancestors could possibly have been there. I learned about English Pilgrims, not any of the others who settled this great country. I know that I do have some German and Scottish ancestors. However, those nationalities are not nearly as prevalent in my bloodline as I believed.

I received my DNA results yesterday. According to the results, I’m 66% British and 17% Irish. Scotland is part of Great Britain, so my parents were right about that part. The other 17% was noted as “Other Regions,” so I dug a little deeper. I’m 8% Western European, 3% Iberian, 3% Eastern European, 1% Scandinavian, less than 1% European Jewish, and less than 1% West Asian. Basically, I am pretty well diversified.


I remember talking to my great-aunt when I was a little girl. She was quite elderly, and spoke slowly. I loved her stories, though. I once asked her what country our ancestors came from. She told me that her mother’s family was English, but she didn’t know about her father’s family. Others in our family disputed her statement. I truly wish she was alive today, so I could tell her that she was right.

Having my DNA results doesn’t change who or what I am. It doesn’t change my hopes, dreams, goals, or nationality. I’m an American. Our nation is the great melting pot of the world. I’m proud to call this land my home. I just didn’t realize that I was the result of so much melting.

My ancestors were obviously travelers and adventurers or I wouldn’t live where I live. Generation after generation braved new frontiers to make life better. They sought more fertile ground, equality, and independence. They eventually settled here in the Ozarks where I have always called home.

I am the Ozarks Maven. My name is Margarite, and I am from Earth.

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