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Apollo’s Special Place

I’ve been extremely busy lately. This time of year I have business trips, writing conferences, family birthdays, and my wedding anniversary. I looked at my calendar, and I have something going on every single Saturday in September. I have my last Ozarks Writers League conference as president, a four-day business trip, and three meetings.

This is a busy time for writing submissions, as well. A couple weeks ago I spent all weekend at my computer reading rules, proofreading my work, and submitting stories for contests. While I was reading through everything, I came across this little essay I wrote about my cat, Apollo.

Finding this essay was poignant because one of our cats and our goldfish passed away earlier this year, and we recently discovered our dog has a terminal heart condition. Soon, Apollo will be the only one left out of the six pets we once had.

I wrote this nearly five years ago when my house was chaotic. It’s now far quieter, but Apollo still loves his special place.

Apollo’s Special Place

My cat, Apollo, hides in the linen closet every chance he gets. He sneaks in when I put laundry away and remains there until someone needs a towel or wash cloth.

He doesn’t make a sound. He just lies on the clean blankets and enjoys the peace of being alone. No one bothers him, yells at him, or scoots him out of the way.

We have two adult children still living at home. We recently added another adult child who needed a place to stay. With three people ages 18 to 22 sharing living space with my husband and me, I often envy Apollo his special place and wish there was room for me.

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