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A Little Birthday Surprise for a Good Friend

Kindness and happiness still exist in today’s world. With all of the sadness, anger, hate, fear, and despair in the world today, I thought you might enjoy a tiny tale of joy.

A very dear friend of mine is turning 50 this week. Her boyfriend (her high school sweetheart with whom she recently reconnected) planned a little birthday surprise for her. He contacted one our mutual friends and asked her to get in touch with some of our old pals from high school. Then he concocted a little surprise party at the Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse in Joplin.

We were there shortly before noon, but the birthday girl and her thoughtful boyfriend were fashionably late. We were getting pretty worried by the time they strolled in. When I asked him what held them up, he told me he didn’t want to ruin the surprise by telling her to hurry up and get ready. He’d kept the secret well.

The look on my friend’s face when she saw us was pure shock and joy. She had no idea she’d be seeing us. It had been several years since she’d seen some of our little group. We all enjoyed catching up with the bonus of a skilled hibachi chef putting on a show for us. The chef even led us in singing “Happy Birthday” and made a flaming onion for my friend’s birthday candle.

It wasn’t an extravagant party, but it was sweet and special. That thoughtful act of kindness made me thankful that my friend found her old love and was able to find happiness with him again. They spent close to 30 years apart, and it warms my heart to see them together again.

Life is tough and uncertain. We need to take our moments of happiness when we find them.

Happy Birthday, Ruth!

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