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A Good Day in this Writer’s Life

I believe in counting blessings, and yesterday was a really good day. I had a full day of appointments and errands. My days off are usually busy, but I was especially active yesterday. Everywhere I went, though, things progressed very well.

I arrived for my chiropractor’s appointment to discover that her massage therapist had two cancellations. She asked me if I would be interested in them after my regular adjustment. I’m working through a shoulder injury, so of course I said yes. 30 minutes of therapeutic massage focused solely on my sore shoulder did me a world of good. The massage was painful because the therapist was manipulating my inflamed muscles, but it was a healing pain. I was already feeling better by the time I got to my car.

After my spinal adjustment and massage, I went to my office for something important that I forgot to bring home. I’m always forgetting something. While I was there I added paper to the printer and discovered four pages of a report that I ran Thursday afternoon hadn’t printed. I rectified that issue and then stopped by the store for supplies.

My last appointment of the day was my monthly meeting with my critique group. We met for over three hours and ironed out a great many issues. They’re helping me make my novel the best story possible. In turn, I’m helping them with their novels. The beauty of our group is that we are all writers, so we understand each other. Not everyone understands the nuances involved in bringing a story to life.

Research is an important facet of writing. I find my best information by talking to people who are experienced with the subject I’m researching. My plea for information about donkeys garnered some seriously strange looks. One person asked me, “Why in the world do you want to know about donkeys who attack?” I also met with some concern when I started asking people about night vision goggles and military maneuvers. Former soldiers are normally hesitant to share too much information with me. My fellow writers understand. My friends and family are tolerant.

I have regular readers who mean the world to me. My close friends and family read all of my work and offer comments and suggestions. I would be lost without them. My best friend has read my work while sitting on bleachers at soccer games, between meetings at our state capitol, and after her children go to bed among other times. My mom prints out everything I send her and keeps it in a large binder, which is overflowing. My coworkers patiently read my work and tell me it’s good. These people love me. They aren’t going to tell me if I’m using too many adverbs. My critique group points it out every time we meet. I’m growing into a stronger novelist as a result.

I’ve had several people ask where they can find my publications. As of right now, I only have short prose available. I appreciate everyone who enjoys reading my words! Here’s a brief list of my stories/essays and where to find them. My early publications have been out of print for many years, so they aren’t available.

“Gold Grand Prix” was published by Writer’s Digest in the 14th Annual Show Us Your Shorts Collection (2014) and The Maine Review 2015 Fall Edition. The Maine Review is not available for back order, but here’s a link for the Writer’s Digest collection: Writer’s Digest 14th Annual Show Us Your Shorts Collections

“A Step-Mom’s Tears” was published in Mamalode Magazine’s 2015 Better Together and can be ordered at Mamalode Magazine Past Issues.

“Masquerade” and “They Don’t Stay Little Forever” were both published in the 2016 issue of The Crowder Quill, which can be downloaded for free here: The Crowder Quill.

“One Foggy Night” and “The Best Elderberry Jelly Ever” were both published in the 2017 issue of The Crowder Quill, which can be downloaded for free here: The Crowder Quill.

“Time for Justice” was published on 50-Word Stories website and can be viewed at 50-Word Stories.

“Once Upon a Winter Storm” is upcoming from Grey Wolfe Publishing in Legends: Passion Pages. I don’t have a link or release date yet. I thought it was being released November 1, 2017, but that wasn’t the case. I’m still awaiting word from the editor regarding the status.

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